modern classics

classic martinis

custom martinis





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modern classics


pimm’s cup

pimm’s      ginger ale      lemonade      bitters


camp grenada

campari      lemonade      pineapple      7up


damn moscow mule

chambord      melville      ginger beer      lime juice      bitters


simon’s old fashion

knob creek      bourbon      housemade syrup      bitters


cherry gin & tonic

bombay sapphire gin      cherry vodka      cherry juice      lime juice

classic martinis


no.3 gin

no.3 gin       vermouth       green olives


classic vodka

ketel one vodka        vermouth        lemon



new amsterdam vodka       bombay sapphire      lillet




custom martinis


earl grey martini

bombay sapphire      housemade syrup      bitters

earl grey tea       lemonade


the rodéo martini

knob creek bourbon      disaronno amaretto      lime juice

orange juice


paisley & stripes

chambord      grand marnier      housemade syrup      lime juice prosecco



peach sangria

barefoot moscato      peach schnapps      peach juice      lime juice

lemonade      peach      apple      lemon      lime


secret weapon

louis m. martini cab sauv. sonoma valley      e&j brandy      triple sec

strawberries      housemade syrup      orange      lime      lemon

arugula     lemonade      pineapple juice


blvd caesar

new amsterdam vodka      worcestershire sauce      sriracha sauce

spices      signature candied bacon






ginger mojito

bacardi white rum      housemade syrup      mint      lime      ginger

soda       ginger ale


lavender beer mojito

bacardi white rum      housemade syrup      lime      mint      lavender

stella artois


radler mojito

bacardi white rum      peach schnapps      steigl radler

housemade syrup      lime      mint      ginger


strawberry smashed mojito

whalers vanilla rum      strawberries      lime      mint

housemade syrup       soda



cucumber apple fling

bombay sapphire      mint      cucumber      housemade syrup      bitters

lemonade      apple juice


sparkling margarita on the rocks

sauza tequila      triple sec      lime juice      soda       housemade syrup


prosecco cocktail

blue giovello prosecco      chambord      hibiscus flower


blu-cumber lemonade

stoli blueberry vodka      lemon cucumber      bitters

lemonade      ice tea       mint